Digital Games

A Date to Die For — Gamerunner, Writer

“I believe that’s your point… it’s designed to question and challenge the conventions of dating games…”

StreamedTogether — Twitch Streaming Duo

“Felt like an educational experience, the dialogue and insinuations spurred a bunch of thought… Cool game, glad to have had that experience.”

Simon Boxer Twice Different

A Conversation — Gamerunner, Writer

Freeplay Awards 2019 — ‘Best Student Game’ award Nominee

Melbourne Queer Games Festival 2019 — Short-listed

“A Conversation captures two people in time in a way that expresses who else they’ve been, and who else they could be.”

@manixur — Game Designer

“I could make informed dialogue choices by reading the nuance in the speech and that felt pretty unique to me.”

@ZanderHulme — Supertonic Audio

Project Omega — Creative Director, Level Designer

AIE Graduation Awards 2017 — ‘Most Impressive Game’ Award Winner

Carving out a wolf’s turf never felt so good!

  • Play as a Wolf in Yellowstone National Park
  • Capture Territory from Rival Packs
  • Exploit Terrain to Hunt
  • Build Your Own Pack

Tabletop Games

Hunters — Lead Designer, Writer (In Development)

It’s hard to believe just one person designed it as far as it is now.

PAX 2017 Playtesting Session
  • Urban Fantasy Skirmish Game for 2+ Players
  • 6 Factions to Choose From
  • Includes Proxy Model Rules and Create-a-Character’s Statistic Sheets

Our Home — Global Game Jam 2019

It’s melancholic, but with plenty of room to explore!

How did you make that in just 20 hours?!

  • 3-6 player RPG about finding a new home
  • 6 character archetypes to choose from, or mix your own
  • Perfect for one-shot sessions or short campaigns
  • Sad music not included