Hard at Work

Forgive the lack of activity between posts, but here is what is happening behind the scenes! The One Ring, a new heirloom of my kingdom, has been a wonderful project to work on. I’ve been attached as part of the Starter Set, and working hard with an absolutely stunning team!

Best played with friends: follow the site for more details!

I’ll also take the time to announce two new projects of mine in the background: Vale Tudo, and A Date to Die For.

Vale Tudo is a living card-game designed for two or more players, where you build a deck — your fighting style — of dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and debilitating fisticuffs. Play a hand of seven cards to build a combo of blocks, dodges, and attacks to knock out your opponent. Your limbs have various health bars to track, between your character’s head, arms, torso, and legs. Losing an arm or a leg isn’t a total loss; once the head, the torso, or both legs go, you’re done!

You can choose between three game types:

  • First Blood, where you slug-off to break the first limb
  • Technique, where every successful block or attack gets you one point that is tallied after five combos
  • Vale Tudo, where you keep going until you or your opponent is knocked out

Did I mention drunk-boxing elves and dwarfs caber-tossing giants?

A Date to Die For is a dialogue game about someone who blunders into a cheesy dating show, and gets far more than they bargained for. Their dates for the night are:

  • A hyperactive werewolf
  • A cold and blunt vampire
  • A well-spoken, possessive witch
  • A fae who’s off with the pixies

Any contestant who survives the shenanigans might just make it to the date room, where they might just hit it off with their lucky date.

On a budget of $45,000 a month, you’ll be glad to know they spent most of it on wine. Mouthfeel is important!

Updates coming… and links to games, when they’re ready.

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