• 2+ Player
  • Playtime: 45mins per 40-points of Unit Selection

Hunters is a 2+ player skirmish game fought on the streets of today by creatures of the night. Human hunters work to preserve the dream of an idyllic society. Vampire cabals conspire to replace the beleaguered humans ruling the world, even as werewolf tribes begin their plans to carve their own slice of Earth. The hodge-podge gathering of fae and gremlins work against all involved for their rights to continue, and the necromancer temples set their sights on the throne. Even as terrors from beyond threaten to swallow the world as we know it.

You will need: measuring tape, juice-boxes and other small obstructions, 24×24-inch playspace, 28mm representational miniatures, the Major Acana from a tarot deck, and a set of d10 dice. Use the unit stats on the provided tables and assign them to a miniature.

You can download the prototype in development here!

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